Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make Recycled Tube Wall Art


Floral wall art made with toilet paper tubes
Tutorial at The Chilly Dog Blog

"Many thanks to the folks at Tombow for providing the adhesive I used for this project. Check out their Projects Page and the TombowUSA blog for more creative ideas! Also many thanks to my friends and neighbors for helping me collect the other primary project material, toilet paper tubes".... Read more

Tutorial - New Bag for a Folding Camping Chair

Is your camping chair bag falling apart?  Use it to make a new one out of a strong fabric.

Tutorial at Maiden Jane Blog

"Do you need a new bag for your folding camping chair? Is yours made out of nylon and falling apart at the seams? I'm embarrassed to show you my bags, but here is one.  We use our chairs for picnics, baseball games and the beach. It did not take long for the nylon bags to rip. If you look at the bag below, my husband (ingeniously) turned the bag upside down, so that the ripped side is the new opening and the drawstring side is the bottom".... Read more

Monday, July 28, 2014

Tutorial - How to Hem Jeans

Hem jeans so they don't look hemmed

Tutorial at Simple Living Blog

"I had 5 pairs of jeans to hem. Kev is such a shortie.. nearly all his jeans need hemming.  I'm such a lucky girl, lol, I did a google on hemming jeans.  I new the look I wanted but couldn't find anything. The only ones I found were if they were only a little bit to long but as you can see in the above photo, they are way way to long so a little tuck wasn't going to be an option with these jeans.  I'm still chuffed with myself every time he wears them".... Read more

Tutorial - Nine Ideas for Using Washi Tape

Tutorial using washi tape in simple projects

Tutorial at Makoccino Blog

"Today I'm going to show you 9 Ideas how you can use Washi Tape in your every day life! These ideas are really simple and easy to recreate. But the best thing is, that everything will look a lot cuter and happier afterwards! I hope you enjoy these ideas and find them helpful! You can get washi tape in any craft store or online btw".... Read more

Tutorial - Raspberry Greek Yogurt Ice Cream

A perfect dessert at hot summer days

Tutorial at The Seaman Mom Blog

"When it’s hot out there and all you do is sweat and sweat and sweat until you feel completely blah, don’t you feel like cooling down with an ice cream or two. Ok, it’s actually more than just a couple but who counts them when they’re so good, right?  I am a big ice cream fan especially at summer time, I would be able to live on ice cream basically but the problem is I hate the store bought ice cream as it leaves a funny taste when the first sweet, refreshing taste is gone. And I bet it’s all because of the artificial ingredients. I tried to read the labels on some and could not understand any of the ingredients except for sugar".... Read more

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Tutorial - Recycle Margarine Tubs into Cute Planters

Plant character whose hair really grows

Tutorial at About Family Crafts Blog

"Knowing my granddaughters were coming for a visit, I prepped the margarine tubs for them to have some fun with.! I showed them how to turn them into funny-faced friends they could even give haircuts to! Not only are these hairy friends adorable, they are a great way for preschoolers to get some practice with scissors and work on their fine motor skills. The grass will keep growing, and your child can keep giving their hairy friends haircuts, as long as you remember to water it and give it some sunshine".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make a Paper Boat Mobile

You can use white paper and color them as you like

Tutorial at Little Treasures Blog

"One of the many driftwood projects I planned to do is this - to use driftwood as a wall hanger. Onto which I wanted to hang paper boats. These I learnt to make as a child and has been  absolutely my favorite origami project throughout the years. To make them you need craft paper, sewing thread and needle and of course - driftwood".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make Animal Cake Decorations

Plastic animals create carousel inspired cake decoration

Tutorial at A Joyful Riot Blog

"Animal cookie craft numero dos!  I am in. love. with these little toys okay?  You could use them for so many things but I decided to attach them to paper straws and insert in a cake. Because, cake!  Supplies: Plastic animal toys, Spray paint and/or acrylics, Toothpicks, Optional: Paper Straws, Hot Glue Gun".... Read more

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tutorial - Console Table with Industrial Materials

7ft long console table made with barn wood and galvanized pipe

Tutorial at Our House, Now a Home

"I am so excited to share this console table we just finished. I am talking the table just got moved in from the garage. But it is amazing, turned out wonderful and I want to share it all with you. I rearranged our loving room a while ago. I have a blank area in my living room, under my family gallery wall. I now use the table that was in this spot as my desk in the office/study. So for a while it was a bare space. I am not the type that has to decorate every corner and inch of my home. Some empty spaces can be calming and welcome. But this spot screamed console table. I had a few I fell in love with online. But they were well over $700. More then I was willing to spend. And when my husband saw what I was leaning to splurge on he went all cave man on me. "I can build that, we are not giving someone else our money for something that is so simple." Well then Mister Handyman. Do you".... Read more

Tutorial - No Salt Recipes and Healthy Suggestions

Replacing the salt with lemon juice is an excellent idea to reduce sodium intake

Tutorial at The Seaman Mom Blog

"With my dad eating much more consciously and healthy following his stroke, I’m looking into dishes where I can replace salt, which will benefit all of us. Salt is an important part of our diet, I cannot deny this fact but without even realizing, we all eat much more than needed by our bodies on a daily basis. Did you know you ingest sodium through about any type of food that’s not prepared using natural, organic ingredients? Let’s take a brief look at these foods: yogurt contains up to 50mg sodium, 100gr cheese may have over 1,600 mg sodium and even compote (compote, can you believe that".... Read more

Tutorial - Hexagon Hello Sign

Make your own stencils for this design
Tutorial at Sisters, What Blog

"I recently saw this hello sign at Snap Creativity and just fell in love with it. We needed something new for the door and nothing says hello better than a hello sign. I mean this sign is literally saying hello. Anyway, I had really fun making it. I recently have been loving the shapes trend and hexagons have been calling to me, so I added some hexagons to my sign".... Read more

Friday, July 25, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make a Picture Vintage Style

Use a photo editing program to turn an ordinary photo into a vintage style picture

Tutorial at Literary Spring Designs

"If you take photos with your smartphone camera there are apps that can create a vintage style, but there are few customization options and picture size is relatively small. The method shown can be used with photo editing programs that include blend layers. The method works regardless for any size, but the texture should be the same size or larger than the design photo".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make a Double Eyeglass Case

Hold two pairs of glasses, phone, ipod, or whatever else fits

Tutorial at Jillian Hollmann Blog

"I got started making these when I went by an eyeglass store with my upcycled eyeglass case (made using fabric from old clothes and a paper towel tube) and asked the owner if he wanted to sell them.  He declined, explaining that people expected a free eyeglass case when they bought glasses, but said he often had requests for a double eyeglass case from people who wanted to carry around their glasses and reading glasses (or sunglasses) in one compact case.  "If you can design one of those, come back to me!"  he said. After numerous experiments, I came up with a case that is compact yet roomy, and practical yet adorable! It's a bit more complicated to make than the typical DIY eyeglass case, but (in my opinion) the added functionality is worth it" Read more

Tutorial - Fabric Covered Magnetic Board


A galvanized metal sheet forms the base

Tutorial at Sisters, What Blog

"Sometimes I feel like art projects and random papers are like ivy, they slowly creep all over the fridge until you can no longer see it. Thank goodness for the recycling bin, but Captain Awesome at the wonderful age of 3 is starting to become sentimental. So...we I decided we needed a place for all of his sweet scribbles and art projects. Solution: a magnetic board just for him. I also had this brilliant idea to make a frame for it, and I thought it would be super easy. That is, with the help of my husband. A lot of help that is. My wood shop skills are kind of rusty, so thanks to my wonderful and patient husband, he really helped me through this whole project".... Read more

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tutorial - Make a Piggy Bank Key Chain

Tutorial includes pattern for this little piggy

Tutorial at Make it Easy Crafts Blog

"The old saying goes…”See a penny, pick it up, all day long, you’ll have good luck.”  So even though pennies aren’t worth much these days, they are still lucky.  Keep a lucky penny from a birth year, anniversary, wedding or just a shiny new one with you all the time on a piggy bank key chain easily created with some polymer clay".... Read more