Sunday, November 29, 2015

Tutorial - Make Color Blocked Throw Pillows
Transform your living room with new covers for your throw pillows

Tutorial at Plaster & Disaster Blog

"Throw pillows are annoyingly expensive, though, so I decided to buy a few new ones but also sew some of my own. I thought that a variety of color-block patterns could be a fun way to bring in lots of colors that tie to the pinks, yellows, and blues in the room, so my first step was to buy an array of solid color fabric.  I  wanted to experiment with different color blocking patterns and combinations, and ended up putting together five different covers".... Read more

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Tutorial - Remake a Sweatshirt into a Coatigan
You can use any loose/easy fit sweatshirt or raglan sleeve pattern

Tutorial at Makery Blog

"This is a hack I’ve been wanting to test out for a while. A simple raglan sleeve sweatshirt pattern, to my mind, had potential to be hacked into coatigan. And what do you know.  I’d been eyeing this cable knit jacquard ponte from Dragonfly Fabrics. When it arrived I wasn’t disappointed. Yes it is as soft, squishy and bouncy as it looks. The only unexpected thing for me was the reverse of the fabric wasn’t grey but a black synthetic mesh type affair. The best way I can describe it is a sandwich of layers. I’d been flippy flopping between a skirt, dress or jacket for this fabric. Once I saw the reverse I decided on the coatigan".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make a Burlap Rose
Use jute roses to decorate all kinds of things

Tutorial at Cards, Crafts, Kids Projects Blog

"Hi friends sharing an altered wooden Keyholder featuring handmade Jute/ Burlap/Hessian Roses. The Key-holder is in the shape of a house and I used loads of pearls and roses with a touch of glitter here and there!   The top has a Spellbinders border die as a background to which I added the roses and glittery flowers and tiny leaves[ using Memory Box Spring Border on glitter foam]  Couldn't resist adding a tiny rabbit peeking from behind the burlap rose".... Read more

Friday, November 27, 2015

Tutorial - How to Make a Hammock Chair
Comfortable seating made in a few hours

Tutorial at A Crafty Mix Blog

"There is no better way to spend a lazy summer afternoon than in a hammock in a beautiful garden. This easy DIY only takes an hour and costs under R200 – now that’s pretty cool. There are tons of How-To’s on the internet, but the best one I found was at A Beautiful Mess. Her step by step instructions were so easy to follow. I made a few changes which I’ll try share with you".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make an R2D2 Style Apron
Unisex style, for guys and gals and not difficult to make

Tutorial at So Sew Easy Blog

"So there are probably two scenarios.  Either you have seen this and are squealing and jumping around with glee, or you just don’t get it and think I’ve lost my senses at last. Probably the latter. It’s not exactly my usual style.  For those of you excited and already running to your stash for the right fabrics – May the Force Be With You. The rest of you need a Jedi mind-trick – these ARE the droids you are looking for! Or I guarantee that someone you know wants one of these, you just might not know about their secret Star Wars obsession.  Did you notice I’m a secret Sci-Fan fan?  Yup, ever since I was a little girl.  The original Star Wars film came out in 1977, when I was 8 years old so I basically grew up with the Star Wars original trilogy".... Read more

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Tutorial - How to Crochet a Jute Coaster Set
A project to start while watching football

Tutorial at Olives & Okra Blog

"We’re going to my parents house for Thanksgiving dinner, so I thought I should make them a little something. I have a six-pack of jute in my craft stash, so I thought I would crochet a few jute coasters over the next couple of days. Jute is a natural plant fiber that’s made up of many threads. It comes in several sizes and weights. The size used in this pattern is similar to twine but a little thicker. The natural color of jute is a drab gray with discoloration in some of the threads, so I paired it up with a colored yarn. I picked Red Heart Super Saver, in Carrot since it’s still Fall, and Thanksgiving is around the corner. Jute can be a bit stiff, so a larger crochet hook is needed to work the stitches. The Jute Coaster Set is worked in single crochet and can be completed in a few hours".... Read more

Tutorial - Make a Kids Thanksgiving Party Favor
Last minute treat for the Thanksgiving table

Tutorial at Happier Than a Pig in Mud Blog

"Grab some candy corn while you still can folks! Especially now that it's marked down.   These Turkey Toes are a cute little party favor for the kiddy table and come together in no time. I've seen the idea around the 'net, my contribution is the silly poem. The candy could be wrapped in clear bags, mesh, tulle, anything really. And they could be dressed up with pretty ribbon to match your setting if desired".... Read more

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Tutorial - How to Make a Felted Acorn Garland
Make cute ornaments, table decoration or a garland for your tree

Tutorial at The Magic Onions Blog

"Jazz up your home for autumn. Or make a colorful garland for your Thanksgiving table or  your Christmas tree. Or make one to keep your home wonderfully woodsy all year round. I promise, once you have your ADORABLE felted acorn garland up in your home, you’ll never want to take it down.  Pin this graphic tutorial on Pinterest so that you can save the instructions forever. You’ll be happy you did later when you are looking for it".... Read more

Tutorial - Thanksgiving Place Setting Ideas
Grab your tags and pens and get ready to show off your best hand lettering

Tutorial at The Beauty DoJo Blog

"Before we jump into the Christmas craze, let’s take a few moments to focus on the yummiest holiday, Thanksgiving! I’ve always found it funny how everyone goes crazy with “black friday” shopping the day after we’re suppose to celebrate all the things we are thankful for. Actually, now it’s not even black friday anymore since most stores start on Thursday! As much as I love shopping, I don’t understand how anyone could skip out on a yummy Thanksgiving meal to wait in long ridiculous lines. Anyway, enough rambling, let’s jump into this Thanksgiving place setting + diy gold glitter tags".... Read more

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tutorial - Refashion a Mousepad with Embroidery
Make with patterns and colors to match any style

Tutorial at Plaster & Disaster Blog

"DIY can get in your head. When you like to make and fix your own things, you can end up with the idea that you really should just DIY everything. With limited time, that leads to stuff not getting done, and small problems just sitting around and festering.  Like my mouse pad: Yes, that is the mouse pad that I have been using. I got it for free (from the Massachusetts Dairy Farmers, if you can believe it) like seven years ago as a temporary measure, figuring I’d either make myself a nicer one or buy something special. Obviously that never happened, and it just got more decrepit".... Read more

Tutorial - Wall Decor from Recycled Cardboard Rolls
Affordable seasonal decor

Tutorial at Cute Simple Stuff Blog

"When it comes to seasons my favorites are fall and winter, definitely. I´m a colder weather instead of a warm weather all the way. To me, there is nothing better than fall and winter weather, with the warm clothing, the hot drinks, Christmas lights and the smell, the feels, in general, the feels.  Now for this DIY a friend sent me this cropped photo or this cool idea. It´s a different concept but when I saw it I thought: wow, what a clever and fun way of upcycling this kind of items. So I wanted to give the concept a try, with my own spin on it".... Read more

Monday, November 23, 2015

Tutorial - How to Make Corn Husk Flowers
Dry corn husks and make a floral autumn decor

Tutorial at Creative Khadija Blog

"Handmade Flowers making is always an interesting idea! I enjoy making handmade flowers and sharing step by step tutorials with my readers, Isn’t it fun creating beautiful stuff from something ordinary? So here today I am going to share a creative idea for making handmade flowers. Something from trash to treasure! As fall season is going on beautifully and winter is almost here, So I thought to make something according to it. I made corn husk flowers. They are super easy yet perfect for fall decore. I saw fall wreaths on Pinterest decorated with corn husk. It suddenly inspire me to try something with corn husk".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Weave a Rag Rug
Perfect to have under your feet when doing the dishes

Tutorial at The Farmhouse in the Field Blog

"I love making things to make my home happy and cozy. Sure, you can go out and buy some mass produced item, but when you make a basket, quilt or rag rug for your home, you know what the quality of the item is, you choose the materials and you can change up the colors, textures, etc.  I started this blog featuring one of these rugs. They are the perfect use up for selvages, old  flannel blankets that have torn or even to reduce that fabric stash we all have. These make wonderful gifts and they may last long enough to even be passed down. I made my first rag rug over a year ago and I'm happy to say, it's one of my favorite things I've ever made".... Read more

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Tutorial - How to Make Spicy Asian Party Mix
Mixture of flavorful snacks with crunchiness and fire

Tutorial at The Seaman Mom Blog

"Are you throwing a party this holiday season? Start the party right with a Spicy Asian Party Mix Recipe that is sure to delight your guests. Every good party needs a tasty snack mix to add a little crunch and prep the guest for more deliciousness. It only takes a few ingredients and it’s so easy and quick to make you’ll want to use this recipe for your every day snacking too".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make a Stacked Tube Pendant
Pendant takes under 10 minutes to make and nails the minimalist and metallics trend

Tutorial at Makery Blog

"If you thought my rubber and brass tube necklace was simple, this pendant is even more so! The pieces come from the same batch of tubing offcuts in the previous post. This time  6 pieces of metal tube the same diameter and graduating lengths (approx 1″ and smaller). I played around with arranging them and settled on this staggered configuration".... Read more